1. Берілген әріптерден дұрыс құралған сөз s y p s і h c

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1. Берілген әріптерден дұрыс құралған сөз.
s y p s і h c.
A) psyhіcs.
B) physіcs.
C) cіsyphs.
D) syphіcs.
E) sіphycs.

2. Бұйрық райдағы сөйлем
A) Do you want to sleep?
B) What do you do?
C) Could you tell me your name please?
D) Stand up.
E) Excuse me, where is the nearest post-office?

3. Сөйлемді толықтырыңыз:
An …healthy person should consult with a doctor
A) in-
B) dis-
C) un-
D) im-
E) re-

4. Салыстырмалы шырайдың дұрыс түрін табыңыз:
My grandfather is the… in the family.
A) oldester
B) eldest
C) older
D) old
E) more oldest

5. Көпше түрдегі зат есім.
A) doctor.
B) teacher.
C) driver.
D) engineer.
E) children.

6. Дұрыс нұсқасы:
Two hundred years ago people ____ horses.
A) used to drive
B) did used to ride
C) used ride
D) use to ride
E) used to ride

7. Берілген сөзге мағынасы қарама-қарсы сөзді көрсетіңіз.
A) darіng.
B) hostіle.
C) real.
D) great.
E) small.

8. “Journey” деген сөздің синоним:
A) Trip
B) Call
C) Reason
D) Pie
E) Change

9. Келесі сөйлемнің ағылшын тіліндегі дұрыс аудармасы
Ол қайтадан суда жоғалып кетті.
A) He appeared іn the water agaіn.
B) He dіsappeared іn the water agaіn.
C) He dіsappeared.
D) Іn a day water dіsappeared.
E) The water appeared soon.

10. Дұрыс сөз:
... is the largest river in the USA.
A) the Mississippi
B) the Misissipi’s
C) Misissipi
D) Misissipi’s
E) a Misissipi

11. Дұрыс предлог:
I like to take pictures … my friends.
A) after
B) of
C) off
D) for
E) at

12. Есімдіктердің дұрыс нұсқасын таңдаңыз:
… painted the house … .
A) We, ourself
B) We, ourselves
C) We, by ourself
D) They, themself
E) They, ourselves

13. Берілген сөйлемді ырықсыз етіске қойыңыз.
We wіll fіnіsh the job.
A) We are fіnіshіng the job.
B) The job іs beіng fіnіshed.
C) The job wіll fіnіsh.
D) The job wіll fіnіshed.
E) The job wіll be fіnіshed.

14. Арнайы сұрақ:
A) What are your plans after leaving school?
B) Should people walk a lot?
C) Do you prefer theoretical wok or practical work?
D) Is it easy to find a job?
E) Do you study these subjects at school?

15. Дұрыс жауап
This book is worth … .
A) reading
B) to read
C) to be read
D) read
E) to reading

16. Дұрыс жауабы:
Who invented Radio? - …
A) Newton.
B) Jenner.
C) Faraday.
D) Darwin.
E) Popov.

17. Артық сөзді табыңыз:
A) Actor.
B) Comedy.
C) Choіr.
D) Manage.
E) Musіc.

18. Жауаптың дұрыс нұсқасы
It’s her birthday next week, but she ___ a party
A) aren’t going to have
B) isn’t going to have
C) isn’t going
D) is going to have
E) are going to have

19. Дұрыс жауабы табыңыз:
The chairman of the Commons called the ... .
A) Parliament
B) Senate
C) Members of Parliament
D) Speaker
E) Lords

20. Мәтінді оқып, Джон емтиханды қай күні тапсыратындығын айтыңыз:
John came late. The party was very interesting. He didn't want to leave earlier than others. He liked the parties that the Browns sometimes had on Saturdays. He was happy. But suddenly he remembered that he must take his exam in History and there was no time left. He had only one day to prepare for it. The party was forgotten at once.
A) Monday.
B) Wednesday.
C) Sunday.
D) Tuesday.
E) Saturday.

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