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One day I decided to go to the supermarket to buy some food. When I came to the grocer’s, I asked him to weigh some rice and sugar for me. At the butcher’s I bought some fat pork and a piece of beef. The shop assistant wrapped the meat in paper. I paid the money and got some change. So I decided to go to a department store. I wanted to buy 3 cotton sheets and a blanket of pure wool. The price was not high. Everything together cost me 100 pounds. (81 words)
Look! The children are running into the water. They are going to swim. The water is nice and warm. The boys and girls are hot. They have just stopped playing volleyball. It is always pleasant to swim in the sea when it is hot.Some of the children are good swimmers, but Jane and Kate have just learned to swim. They have never swum so far out in the deep water before. They always swim with their friends. (78 words)

The weather
We do not always know what weather to expect. On TV and radio there are daily weather forecasts. All day and night, weathermen are collecting information from ships, planes, weather stations, and satellites. People can forecast some types of weather. When a barometer shows high pressure, the weather will be calm. In winter it will be cold and frosty. In summer it usually means misty mornings and hot sunny days. When the barometer shows low pressure, look out for rain and strong winds.
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We can get a very good education at our school. Our parents are surprised at our knowledge of modern foreign languages. We learn English, French and German. Pupils can also learn Latin, though it is an ancient language. Some children are good at languages; some of them make good progress in sciences. I don’t think that there are too many pupils who are doing bad at school. Most of them are diligent and not idle. (73 words)

English is my best subject. Some people find the pronunciation of English difficult, but I like to learn to pronounce new words. I don’t make spelling mistakes in my dictations and I like to translate from Russian into English very much. I am fond of discussing things in English. We hold different discussions at every lesson. But I don’t like to recite poems. I have a bad memory for such things. But I am not good at Mathematics. And I don’t like numbers. I can’t add, subtract, multiply and divide well. (81 words)

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