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Humour and story
My friend likes to show off. But he doesn’t have a good knowledge of the things he is boasting about. He has no sense of humour and the stories he tells us are often dull. The way he shows off can offend his classmates but he doesn’t care. He seldom, if ever, thinks about other people. I am sure when he grows up he won’t be a respectable man. Who could respect such a person? (71 words)

The film was so dull that Kate left before it was over. She was careless when she was running downstairs and she fell down. She was very surprised to feel pain in her leg. She decided to go to the doctor immediately. She told the doctor that it hurt her to move. She said she was silly to run so carelessly. But it had been an especially busy day and, besides, she didn’t want to delay her visit to her Grandma. The doctor touched her leg. He worried that Kate had broken it, but nothing that serious had happened. (98 words)
Many people suffer from different illnesses. Sometimes doctors tell them to keep to a diet. They tell them not to eat fried food and to drink only tea. Dairy products are good for sick people and children. People don’t like bitter medicines, but they drink warm milk with pleasure. Cottage cheese is very good for your health. If you don’t want to fall ill, you should eat the right food and take regular exercise. (74 words)

Football is a popular global sport. It was invented and developed in England. Now there are football teams almost in every town. They compete with each other every year. International competitions and matches are held in big cities. Boating is a popular sport too. It is pleasant to go boating early in the morning. My elder brother is a sportsman. He goes in for rowing. But my favourite sport is tennis. There is a lawn in front of my house and I play tennis with my friends every Sunday. (84 words)

Basketball team
Mr. Smith is a coach of our basketball team. Every morning we spend 2 hours training for the game. We run races and shoot balls into the basket. We follow the advice our coach gives us and receive good results in home and international competitions. My friends are excellent players. We practically always win. We seldom lose a game or end a match in a draw. The only trouble with us is our bad knowledge of different school subjects. (75 words)

жүктеу 130.15 Kb.

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