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My sister is very curious
My little sister is very curious, she always asks a lot of questions. And she usually wants definite answers to all of them. Here are some of her endless questions. When will the Sun set? What does the sea separate? Why did the wind suddenly rise? Did the exploration of space begin in Russia? Do most people travel by plane nowadays? May I use your textbook? What is the national emblem of England? Why do some flowers smell sweet? Do you think you can climb that tree? And I have only one question. Can you answer all these? (95 words)

Popular language
English is the most popular language nowadays. People speak English all over the world. In Russia we learn English as a foreign language. You will be understood practically everywhere if you speak English. But though they all speak English, it is a little different in each English-speaking country. Different words often name the same things. I mean that children go to school in the fall in America but in autumn in Great Britain. (71 words)

My native town
My native town is hidden among the mountains. They are not very high but the air is rather fresh here, much fresher than in other industrial cities. There are beautiful deep lakes around my native place. In summer when nature is in blossom, you can find different flowers with a pleasant smell. It’s nice to climb the hills and find primroses growing wild in the forests. I think everybody must help save the beauty of his native town. (76 words)
It is not possible to live in two places at the same time. But I like the mild climate of England and the snowy winters of my native country. I enjoy living in the countryside where you can breathe fresh air and the busy life of big industrial cities where you can have fun visiting theatres and cinemas. I am sure that we must protect nature but it is also necessary for us to build factories and plants. So the right balance must be found not to do a lot of harm to nature and to develop industries. (94 words)

The UK
The UK is a kingdom. It is an island state. It consists of four countries. Much of the land in Britain is open country. There are lonely hills, quiet rivers, deep lakes and farmlands especially in the south of the country. There are also industrial cities. Everyone in Britain speaks English, but you must listen carefully if you want to understand a Welsh person. Foreigners are surprised to see road signs in Welsh when they travel. (74 words)

The doctor
One day Pete felt that something was wrong with him. He had a terrible headache, a sore throat and a strong pain in his chest. It hurt him to swallow and to breathe. The doctor came very soon. He examined the boy, listened to his lungs and heart and took his temperature. It was rather high. Pete coughed and sneezed all the time. The doctor prescribed for him a good medicine for colds and told him to stay in bed. He asked Pete to take his temperature regularly. He said he would recover soon. (90words)

My brother
My brother has a permanent job. He is a lawyer. A lawyer is a person who knows much about the law. Laws tell people what they must do and what they must not do. Everybody must respect the law. If you break the law, the punishment may be very serious. People who get into trouble usually go to a respectable lawyer. Lawyers offer their help and give good advice. My brother has very good knowledge of different subjects, but he never shows off. He likes to help those who are in trouble. (87words)

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