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Scotland is a beautiful country. It has wild rivers, beautiful hills and small mountains. Wales has a lot of hills and mountains, too. People like to go to Wales to visit the castles, walk in the hills and enjoy the beaches. Tourists say that Ireland is a wonderful place to visit because life in Ireland is quit and slow. (56 words)
Aspen is in Colorado. It is in a beautiful valley high in the Rocky Mountains. Aspen is famous for skiing in the winter and a music festival in the summer.
There are four seasons in Aspen. Winter is cold and it snows a lot. Spring is cool. The sun shines and sometimes it rains. Summer is warm. The sun shines almost every day. Autumn is cool. The leaves on the Aspen trees turn bright yellow. (72 words)

Fantasy Island
This is a fantasy island. I like to dream about it. I think it’s beautiful. It has high mountains, a beautiful beach and green forests. At night, when my room is dark, I close my eyes and dream about my island. I would like to go there someday and build a house. (45 words)

Delicious meals
Some people think that household chores are dull. But I always offer to help my parents about the house. I can hang a picture on the wall. I do this job willingly. I am also fond of cooking. If I want to have a quick snack, I take a recipe book and cook delicious meals. I can quickly boil or fry eggs. (52words)

In the United States oranges usually come from California and Florida. Sometimes they come from Israel. Apples come from Washington. Peaches come from New Jersey. Bananas come from South America and Central America. Cheese comes from California and sometimes from Europe. Lamb usually comes from Colorado and Montana. But some lamb comes from New Zealand. Many clothes are made in New York, but a large number come from China. (69 words)
Daniel Defoe
Daniel Defoe, the great English writer of the 17th century, was born in London, in the family of wealthy parents. Daniel got a good education. He had good knowledge of history, mathematics, geography, knew several languages: French, Italian, Spanish, Latin, and ancient Greek. His father wanted him to become a priest. But young Defoe did not like this profession. He visited many countries: France, Spain, Italy, among others. Then he became a journalist. He started writing late. At first he wrote several political pamphlets and the first one appeared in 1701 and brought him fame. (92words)

My room
We have two small rooms in our flat and one of them is mine. It is not big but very cosy. There is a wardrobe near the wall and a desk near the window. My bed is at the left corner. I like my room very much because it is my room. Our kitchen is not very large but it is light. It's very well equipped. We have got a refrigerator, a microwave oven, a coffee maker and a toaster. In evenings we like to have tea and have rest in it. (85 words)

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