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Mother’s day
The eighth of March was a wonderful day. Victor got up very in the morning and he had a talk with his father. Then his father put his coat and hat on and went out. Victor went to the living-room to clean it. He dusted the sofa and the chairs, swept the floor of the living-room and washed the floor of the kitchen. Soon his father came and brought five roses. It was very difficult to buy flowers on the eighth of March, because there were too many men buying flowers in flower shops. The father put the flowers on the table and went into the kitchen. They began to prepare a present for the mother.
When the mother got up, breakfast was on the table. Victor and his father met her at the door, gave her the flowers and said « Best wishes for the eighth of March». 121 words)

Victory Day
In many countries Victory Day, or the 9th of May is one of the great holidays of the year. In all the towns there are decorations, flags and slogans in the streets, in the shop windows and on the front of large buildings. On Victory Day morning there are meetings and demonstrations of the veterans who fought in the Great Patriotic War. On that day there usually is military parade in all big cities of our country. There are a lot of people in the streets and squares, at theatres, cinemas and concert halls. They are all celebrating their holiday. (88 words)

What is a hobby? It is what you like to do when you are not at school. Some boys and girls like photography or drawing, growing flowers. Many boys and girls to make gliders of paper, girls like to make toys or dresses for dolls. Hobbies are your friends when Mother and Father are not at home, or when it is raining. Hobbies help you to learn many interesting things. When you leave school you may take your hobby as a profession. You will read about the hobbies of some children. (81 words)

Ben’s hobby
Ben’s hobby is playing chess. He is learning to play the game and usually plays with his father. It is difficult to play chess. Ben must know what his father is going to do. When Ben plays chess, he is learning to think. Sometimes Ben plays with his friend John. They play chess in the garden or in John’s house. John plays chess very well and he says it helps him to play football. He sees the playground as he sees the chess board. (70 words)

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