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  • Great Britain
Family relations
We have got a lot of relatives; cousins, aunts and uncles, because my Granny has a son and two daughters, five grandchildren, two nieces and one nephew. But they don’t live in Minsk. They live in different towns. They come to see us and we usually have a good time together. I’m happy to have such a family. (53 words)

Yesterday I got up at 7 o’clock, washed, cleaned teeth and dressed. Then I had a cheese sandwich and a cup of tea for breakfast. At school we had a pie and a glass of orange juice. I’m always hungry when I come home after school. Yesterday my mother cooked cabbage soup, roast chicken and rice, made pudding and tea. It was so tasty. I ate everything with pleasure. (64 words)

Tastes differ. When it is cold we put on sweaters, coats, caps and gloves. When it’s warm we take off warm clothes and put on light shirts or blouses and dresses. My favourite clothes are jeans, shirts and sweaters or jackets. They are comfortable. And I can wear them in any weather. (52 words)

There are four season in a year. They are winter, spring, summer and autumn. There are three months in each season. Winter is the coldest season of the year. Summer is the warmest season. Spring is warmer than winter but it is colder than summer. Autumn is also colder than summer but it is warmer than winter. I think all seasons are beautiful. (50 words)
My subjects
I am a fifth-former. This year we have begun to study some new subjects. They are Literature, Geography, Botany, History, French or English. At Geography we study the world around us, at Botany-different plants, at History - the life of people in the ancient times. There are five or six lessons on our timetable every day. Some of them are my favourite ones. (56 words)

Great Britain
Great Britain is the Atlantic Ocean. The countries in this part of the world are cold in winter, but great Britain has a warm climate. Warm ocean water keeps the British Isles warm and green. There are four countries in Great Britain. Scotland, Wales and England are on one island. Ireland is on another island across the Irish Sea. (58 words)

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