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Richard Sidney Porteous
R. S. Porteous was born in 1897 in Melbourne and till his death in 1963 he lived in Australia. He led a roaming life full of adventures. He was an overseer on a Central Queensland Cattle Station and the skipper of a large coastal launch running tourists to the Barrier Reef. In World War II he was in the Merchant Navy as Chief Officer of a coast motor-vessel which landed troops in the New Guinea and Pacific areas. From this first-hand experience he produced a volume of sea stories full of action, adventure, and suspense. Since 1920 she continued writing at last one novel a year with her fame growing throughout the rest of her life. (98-words)

Air pollution
Air pollution causes major dangers. These include damage from acid rain, the depletion of the ozone layer and possible climate change caused by a build-up of ‘greenhouse gases’.
The earth is warmed naturally by the ‘greenhouse effect’. Without it, there would be no life on earth. Activities such as the burning of coal and other fossil fuels are leading to a build-up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, so that the climate of the earth could be seriously affected. British scientists looking at climate changes have concluded that, if there is no change in emissions of greenhouse gases, global temperature will rise by about 0, 3° C a decade in the 21st century. (99-words)

Britain is protecting the environment on land in many ways for example by encouraging wildlife conservation and good forestry. It supports international agreements to protect and their habitats.
There is concern about the export of some hazardous chemicals, including pesticides, to developing countries, which may not have the necessary expertise to use them safely. Britain played a major part in drawing up UNEP guidelines on the exchange of information about chemicals traded internationally, and contributed to a Food and Agriculture Organization code of con duct on the distribution of pesticides. Britain also supports the UN International Programmed on Chemical Safety, and sponsors training courses for people from developing countries on the safe of chemicals. (107-words)
Oil Pollution
Control of marine pollution lays down very strict discharge standards for oil and obliges tanker ships to keep dirty ballast residues aboard in a separate tank for discharge at special port faculties. These requirements are incorporated into British law. All ships in British waters must obey these laws, as must British ships anywhere in the world. Discharges are also controlled by international agreement.
Britain is also taking measures to protect the North Sea from pollution from the offshore oil industry.
In order to deal with pollution incidents in British waters, the Marine, Pollution Control Unit (MPCU)-part of the Department of Transport – operates special aircrafts. (99-words)

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