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Hobby is an important experiment for your future job

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Hobby is an important experiment for your future job
From my point of view, hobby plays an important role in a person`s life. Now I would like to set some examples to prove this statement.
Firstly, it helps get out of depression and raise our spirits. For instance, you have been frustrated. But if you have a favourite occupation, while passing the time you are getting involved in the process and gradually forgetting about the previous failure. As it is known, this is an excellent way of entertainment after an unsuccessful experience, as your attention is fully concentrated on the thing you are doing.
Secondly, a hobby can also help choose a career path for the future. For example, when doing sport you understand that you can not live without it and this is your natural rate. Such people usually become professional sportsmen, trainers. (115 words)

Sport is very important in my life. And, of course, it is popular with young and old people. 
I try to take part in different sport sections. I like to watch sport games, listen to sport news. I prefer reading interesting stories about sportsmen. At college I have got physical training lessons twice a week. We play volley-ball and basket-ball at the lessons. Sport helps me to keep good health. If you go in for sports, you are in a good mood and don’t often catch cold. 
I think that all people must take care of their health and do morning exercises regularly. But I don’t do it because I don’t like to get up early. Recently I have begun to go in for boxing. (109 words)

My true friend
The happiest day in my life was, when I was presented with a puppy. I named him Charlie. He was so ridiculous and amusing. When he tried to run for me, he waddled in a funny way. Now he has grown up and become so nice, in spite of the fact that he is an ordinary mongrel.
He has smooth brown wool, short tail and funny ears. I like to go for a walk with him. When we walk, I teach Charlie to do different commands: give a paw, count and dance. He does it with pleasure. And besides I want him to teach to carry my schoolbag! He is very friendly. He never offends anybody. He eats even from one bawl with our kittens.(115 words)

жүктеу 130.15 Kb.

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