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My Summer Holidays
After each term in school we had our holidays. It's fun to have holidays, you can do whatever you like, you don't have to get up too early, do your homework or think of troubles which occur very often at school. Most of all I liked summer holidays, they were the longest ones, though, when winter was snowy and frosty, I enjoyed my winter holidays skating and skiing, sledging and making a snowman or having a fight with snowballs. I'd like to tell you about my summer holidays I spent in Sochi. It was just three years ago. My parents and me were sitting in the living-room discussing our plans for the summer holidays. My father suggested that we should go to Sochi. On hearing that I jumped up with joy and said it was a wonderful idea. (129 words)

English Food
People think that English food is bad, but it is not always right. The English like vegetables and potatoes. They also eat a lot of meat. If you don’t like traditional English food, you can go to one of numerous restaurants. These restaurants cook food of different countries of the world. You can have an English breakfast, a French lunch and Italian dinner in one day.
The tea, of course, is one of the most famous things about England. Tea in this country is always very good and pleasant. There is a tradition to have tea at about five o’clock every day. The English usually drink their tea with some milk in it. (110 words)

The United Kingdom of Great Britain
There are three countries in Great Britain: England, Scotland and Wales. Its full name is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland The UK. The UK is in Europe. The area of the UK is 244,880 square kilometers. There are four main nationalities: English, Scots, Wales and Irish. The capital of UK and England is London; the capital of Scotland is Edinburg; the capital of Wales is Cardiff and the capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast.
To the north and East of the UK is the North Sea. To the west and south is the Atlantic Ocean. The most famous river is the Thames in London, but it is not the longest. (112 words)

Sport is very important part of our life. Sport makes people healthy, keeps them fit. Some people go in for sports for their health and some for professional aims.
There are many stadiums, sports grounds, swimming pools, football fields in each town. In every school pupils spend much time going in for sports. First of all they have their physical training lessons. And when school is over they may train in different sports clubs and sections. Professional sport is also paid much attention to in our country. Every year there are a lot of sports competition, sports days and Olympiads. Once in four years the Olympic Games take place in different countries.(111 words)

English customs
People who come to Britain for the first time find some of the customs new and interesting. The English don’t shake hands each time when they meet. When you go to a friend’s house for a meal, it is not the custom to say “Thank you” At the end of the meal.
Very few people have servants in their homes. It is very difficult to find a good servant. They want too much money for their job. So families do most of the housework themselves, and husbands usually work as much, as wives. They wash the dishes, tidy up the rooms, go to the market and look after the children. (108 words)

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