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Arthur Conan Doyle
Arthur Conan Doyle was born in the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. His father, Charles E. Doyle, was an artist and architect by profession, but he worked as a clerk in an office. The father died young and the Doyle’s were very poor. Arthur’s mother was a very good story-teller and he remembered her fantastic stories all his life. The talent of story-telling was inherited by Arthur from his mother and it helped him as a writer. During his school years he read much, and he often told his school friends long and interesting stories, getting cakes and sweet for that. After leaving school Conan Doyle became a student of the medical faculty at the University of Edinburgh. (108-words)

The last football match
One day a teacher at English school came into the classroom and said to the pupils, “I know you all like football very much. Some of you play football very well; others like to watch the game. Today I want you to write about the last football match”.
Then the teacher went to the blackboard, took a piece of chalk and wrote, “The Last Football Match” All the pupils opened their exercise-books, took their pens and began to write. One little boy only wrote a few words, then shut his exercise-book and held his hand.
“Well, Tommy, why aren’t you writing?” asked the teacher.
“I have already finished. “Show me your exercise-book. Let me see what you have written,” said the teacher. (110-words)

First visit to the river
My name is Donald. I live in a village. I have a lot of friends. I have a dig too. His name is Jimmy. He is very small. My friends and I like to play with Jimmy.
Last year, on a hot summer’s day, we went for a walk to the river. We took Jimmy with us too. The water was very warm. My friends and I like very much to swim and play ball in the water.
That day Jimmy saw the river for the first time. He sat on our clothes on the ground and watched us. Just then we took a little ball and put it on the water just near Jimmy. It was a nice ball and Jimmy wanted to play with it. So he tried to take it with his teeth, and then he swam. (121-words)

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