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Environmental Pollution
People have always polluted their surroundings. But until now pollution was not such a serious problem. People lived in uncrowned rural areas and did not have pollution – causing machines. With the development of crowded industrial cities which put huge amounts of pollutants into small areas, the problem has become more important. Automobiles and other new inventions make pollution steadily worse. Air, water, and soil are necessary for existence of all living things. But polluted air can cause illness, and even death .Polluted water kills fish and other marine life. On polluted soil, food can not be grown. (96 words)

Arthur Conan Doyle
Arthur Conan Doyle was born in Scotland in the family of Irish.
Conan Doyle was one of the first, who started the fashion of detective story. Today the fashion goes on with the stories of other writers.
Conan Doyle created his famous character, Sherlock Holmes, in 1885. Six years later, when Conan Doyle wrote some stories about this detective, the name of Sherlock Holmes become the name that everybody knew. Sherlock Holmes first appeared in a book called “Study in Scarlet”. “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” made him famous all over the world. Conan Doyle was a famous writer.
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Two Americans, Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss, made the first jeans in 1873. Davis bought cloth from Levi’s shop. He told Levi that he had a special way to make strong trousers for workman. The first jeans were blue. In 1935 jeans became fashionable for women after they saw them in Vogue magazine. In the 1970 s, Calvin Klein earned $12, 5 million a week from jeans.
A Scotsman, John Logie Baird, transmitted the first television picture on 25.October,1925. The first thing on television was a boy who worked in the office next to Baird’s workroom in London. In 1927 Baird sent pictures from London to Glasgow. (103 words)

King John named Liverpool in 1207.The city grew bigger in the 18th century, when it became an important trade centre for sugar, spices, and slaves between Africa, Britain, the Americas, and the West Indies.
Liverpool‘s most famous musicians are the Beatles. In the 1960s this British rock group was popular all over the world. They were all born in Liverpool and started the group there in 1959.They first played at a night club called the Cavern and then travelled the world.One of them, Paul McCartney, is now the richest musician in the world. (96 words)

Pegasus was a horse with wings. It was the horse of the King of the Greek gods. A young Prince on earth wanted help. He said, “Could you help me? I want to kill a terrible monster”. A goddess gave him a golden rope for Pegasus. The Prince waited for Pegasus. The horse came to a special fountain for water. He put the rope around the horse’s head. The King of the gods saw the Prince of Pegasus. They were in the sky. The King was very angry. He sent a fly to sting the horse. The horse threw the Prince to the earth. The horse flew into the sky. He became the group of stars we call Pegasus.
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