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A hundred years ago
A hundred years ago people knew how to entertain themselves much better than they do now. When a group of people gathered together they talked, played cards or other games, read aloud to each other, or went out shooting or walking together. Most people could sing a little or play a musical instrument, so at a party the guests entertained each other. Conversation was an art; amusing conversation could keep people happy for hours. As for games, such as football, tennis, people played them more often than they do now. (85 words)

The United States
The fifty states of the United States join to make one nation. The United States didn’t always have fifty states. At first there were thirteen. As the United States grew, more states joined to union. The last two states to join were Alaska and Hawaii. They both joined in 1959. The area of the United States covers every type of land. There are forests, deserts, mountains and flat land. The area of the US also covers every type of climate. The size of each state is different too. Alaska is the biggest state. Rhode Island is the smallest state. Alaska is 500 times bigger than Rhode Island. (108 words)
He wants to be a sheriff
Mr. Nelson wanted to be elected sheriff in a New Hampshire county. He went from farm to farm asking people to vote for him. Mrs. Marrow saw him coming up one day and reached for the broom. «Get off ,you good –for-nothing loafer»,she shouted.«But Mrs .Marrow »,said Nelson, “I have just come to ask you if you’ll vote for me for sheriff” .“Sheriff!” shouted Mrs.Marrow. “Your place is in the lockup, not in the sheriff’s office. You are a scoundrel, and your father was a scoundrel, and your grandfather was a scoundrel. Get out of here before I get this broom to you”. (101 words)
Save the Aral Sea
Among the continental lakes of the glove the Aral Sea occupied the fourth place in the area. We have to stress-occupied. Today the Aral is perishing.This badly affects the population of the area, which includes several regions of the Central Asian Republics and the KzylOrda region of Kazakhstan.
The ecological catastrophe led to the growth of the sickness rate, dangerous demographic situation, unemployment and poverty of the people, living in that area. An International Public Aral Aid Fund was instituted to work out the program on the restoration of the ecological balance in the Aral Sea basin. (100 words)

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