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My name is Manshuk. I am blonde, my eyes are blue. My brother Adilet is 25. He is a fair-haired man. He is tall and thin. He is married. He has a beautiful wife and two lovely little children with golden hair and dark-blue eyes. My mother is a pleasant looking woman with thick straight hair. She is graceful but not very tall. My father is stout, but he is handsome. He is a dark-haired man with grey eyes. His lips are thin. His ears are not big. He has a moustache and a beard. My aunt Aigul is short. Her skin is clean. Her brown hair is curly. Her eyes are very big. She is a beautiful women. (114words)

My working day
At 7 o’clock I jump out of bed. I open the window, make my bed, and switch on the radio. I do my morning gymnastics to music. Then I go to the bathroom, brush my teeth and dress. My mother gets breakfast ready in the kitchen. She sets the table for breakfast and at half past seven we have breakfast. As I live far from the University I go there by bus or by tram. I am never late. I always get to the University on time. After classes, I usually don’t take a bus home. I like to walk. In the evening I have supper and watch TV. I usually go to bed at 11 o’clock. (104 words)

My home
We have a nice flat. The living room is the largest. Between the two large windows there is a little table with a colour TV set on it. Near the TV set there are two armchairs. The bedroom is smaller. An alarm clock and a small lamp are on the table. There is a thick carpet on the floor and plain, light brown curtains on the window. The third room is the study. There is not much furniture in it, only the most necessary pieces. There is a telephone on the left side. In my opinion the study is the best room in our flat. There is a kitchen. There is a stove in the kitchen. We cook food on it. Near the window there is a refrigerator. On the walls there are some shelves. (126 words)

The Sun is about 5 billion years old
The Sun is the center of our solar system. It’s about 5 billion years old. The Earth is the third planet from the sun. From space, the Earth is blue with areas of brown, green and white. Some astronomers think that the Moon was a planet. The first planet from the sun is Mercury. Mercury is very hot. The second planet is Venus. Mars is the fourth planet. Jupiter is the fifth planet and it’s very large. The sixth planet is Saturn. The seventh is Uranus and the eighth is Neptune. The ninth planet is Pluto. Pluto is a small, rocky planet. (100 words)

About me
My full name is Bushueva Valeria Dmitrievna. I was born in Moscow, Russia in 2002. I'm 11 years old. About my appearance, I'm tall and thin (probably), I have big blue eyes and blond hair. About my character, I am very friendly, but only with people that I think are quite good. I happen really impatient and curious, but I do not consider it a disadvantage. Do not know whether to write. I think I've told everything about myself. I do not think my life is boring because every day confronted with something new and interesting for me. For example: meeting new people at school or a meeting with the best friends. (101 words)

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