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We must protect our environment
Our country.Our environment. There are many big and small rivers, green forests, high mountains , lakes and seas in Kazakhstan. Our Ears is our home. I think people must take care of our Motherland. There are a lot of industrial enterprises in our country that’s why we cant ignore the problem of the protection of our environment . Our main aim is the protection. Our environment must be clean. The things we eat, the places we live in and the air around us are made dirty and unhealthy by machines and factories. (89 words)

The commercial capital other names for Almaty have included Alma-Ata, Zailiyskoe, and Vernoe. Almaty, which means “Father of Apples” in Kazakh, was originally founded in 1854 as a Russian fort called Zailiyskoe. A year later, it was renamed Vernoye, which it remained until 1921.
Originally, Almaty was a frontier town. When the Turkistan – Siberian Railroad was built in the 1920 s, it became a major way – station. In 1929 it was made the capital of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic and remained the capital until July 1998 when the capital was moved to Astana. (89 words)

The traditional Republic Olympiad
Twenty eight pupils from different schools of South Kazakhstan Oblast took part in traditional Republic Olympiad which was held in Almaty on spring holidays. Our pupils showed good results. 8 children got the prizes; the same number of them was given the award certificates.
Among the prize winners are the ninth class pupil Maxim Jerohin ( Shymkent school - gymnasium №1) who took the 1st place in Biology, Abdulla Yusupbekov (Turkestan Kazakh – Turkish Lyceum) took the 3rd place in Biology. (78 words)
A long time ago Texas was part of Mexico. The Mexican government did not want any Americans to move to Texas. But a man named Stephen Austin brought a lot of people to Texas. They built towns. The Mexican government was not happy and a war began. The Americans did not want to be a part of Mexico. Many years passed. Finally, Texas was free. It became a state in 1836. Texas is proud of their history. Many people from Mexico live in Texas today. They are an important part of the states history. A popular kind of food in Texas is called “Tex-Mex”. (97 words)

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