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Northern Ireland
The capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast. The population of Northern Ireland is 2 million people. The emblem of the country, I will see the Giant Causeway.
The Giant Causeway has 40000 columns. The legend says that the Giant Finn McCool loved a lady Giant from an island near Scotland . He began to build this Causeway to bring her to Ireland.
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My granny
My granny is a very kind-hearted woman. Everybody in our family loves her dearly. She is thoughtful and faithful. She is modest about her qualities. You can always tell her the truth. She will certainly keep your secrets. She never quarrels with anybody. She doesn’t like selfish people. My granny and I have much in common. I am happy that this noble woman is my granny. (63 words)
Winter holidays
Last month we had winter holidays. They began on the 30 th of December and ended on the 10 th of January. Schoolchildren do not have lessons at that time.
We had good weather all the time. Sometimes it snowed, but we liked the weather is very much. The schoolchildren had a good time .They had New Year parties round the green near Year Trees with concerts in the second halls. (68 words)

The capital of Wales is Cardiff. The population of Wales is 3 million people. The emblem of Wales is a daffodil. If I go Wales, I will see
Wales is a country of music and song. Every year there is a competition to name the best poets, writers and musicians in the country. Wales is the country of castles. In 1301, Edward 1 of England made his son Prince of Wales. And today Queen Elizabeth. His son Charles is Prince of Wales. (76words)

English traditions
Every country has its traditions. In England traditions play a very important part in the life of the people. Englishmen are proud of their traditions and have kept them up for hundreds of years. On Sundays theaters and shops are closed, people do not get letters and newspapers. Very few trams and buses run in the streets of London on Sundays. In English home the fire- place has always been the centre of interest in the room. (75 words)

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