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The man and the elephant
There was a man who often went to the Zoo.He often gave a bun to an elephant wanted,to take it with his trunk, he pulled it away.The elephant got angrier because this happened many times. At last he did not want to see the man and even did not take any notice of him.
One day the man who was taking care of the animals in the Zoo and who was very good to them, let the elephant go for a walk. The elephant soon saw the man who had tea him so many times, standing among some other people. (99 words)

Northern Ireland
The capital of England is London. The population it 49 million people. The emblem of England is red rose.
If I go to London, I will visit Buckingham Palace. It is the London home at Queen Elizabeth, the second the British Queen Baker in London is a street where detective Sherlock Holmes lives in the stories about him by Arthur Conon. There is a museum of Sherlock Holmes in Baker Street. (67 words)

The stone of Destiny
In Westminister Abbey in London.There is a large stone which has an interesting history. Many hundred years ago it was the seat on which the kings of Scotland sat when they were crowned.
When Scotland became part of Britain, the English king brought this stone to London. A large chair was made and the stone of Desting was put into the seat of the chair. Since that time the English kings sit on that chair when they are crowned. (79 words)

Greentown, where the whites live, is a small town not far from London. There are no factories in Greentown. The houses are not very large, many have two floors, and some have three. The town square is in the centre of the town. There we can see the Town hall, some shops, a cafe and a cinema. There is a hotel in the centre of the town. Greentown has no buses, but people get to Greentown from London by bus. (76 words)

My future profession
Every people think about their future profession. Everybody choose their future profession with great interest. For example: to be a good teacher, to be a physiologist, to be a lawyer, to be a designer of clothes and etc. And my future profession is to be a good teacher. Because my parents are teachers, they helped me to choose a good profession for future. (56 words)

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