Практический курс английского языка 2 курс

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  • Ex. X, p. 112
Ex. VIII, p. Ill 
Scotland Yard is the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police of London. For most 
people its name immediately brings to mind the picture of a detective — cool, 
collected, efficient, ready to track down any criminal. 
Scotland Yard is situated on the Thames Embankment close to the Houses of 
Parliament and the familiar clock tower of Big Ben. The name "Scotland Yard" 
originates from the plot of land adjoining Whitehall Palace where since about the 
14th century the royalty and nobility of Scotland stayed when visiting the English 
Court. The popular nickname of the London policeman "bobby" is a tribute to Sir 
Robert Peel who introduced the police force in 1829 and whose Christian name 
attached itself to members of the force. 
Ex. X, p. 112 
1. In the very centre of the City opposite the Bank of England is the statue of 
Wellington, the famous English general and statesman of the 19th century. Under his 
command the British troops and their allies defeated Napoleon's army at Waterloo in 
1815. Waterloo Bridge, one of the most beautiful bridges across/ over the Thames 
was so named/named so in memory of this victory. 2. The Mall is a broad avenue, 
lined with trees/a broad, tree-lined avenue leading from Trafalgar Square to 
Buckingham Palace, the Royal residence. Opposite the Palace (there) stands a huge 
monument with a statue of Victory at its top. This monument was erected/set up in 
memory/in honour of Queen Victoria whose sixty-four-year reign (1837—1901) was 
the longest in history. 3. The Highgate Cemetery is famous for the grave of Karl 
Marx who was buried there. In 1956 a monument to Marx was erected/set up there 
funded/financed with the donations/contributions that had been sent by workers from 
all over the world. 

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