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Ex. XIII, p. 61 
a) "Well, you'd better let me take your temperature," said Griffiths. 
"It's quite unnecessary," answered Philip irritably. 
"Come on." 
Philip put the thermometer in his mouth. Griffiths sat at/by the side of the bed 
and chattered brightly for a moment, then he took it out and looked at it. 
"Now, look here, old man, you stay in bed, and I'll bring old Deacon 
(round/around) to have a look at you." 
"Nonsense," said Philip. "There's nothing the matter. I wish you wouldn't bother 
about me." 
"But it isn't any bother. You've got a temperature and you must stay in bed. You 
will, won't you?" 
"You've got a wonderful bedside manner," Philip murmured, closing his eyes 
with a smile. 
b) 1. — Philip was not irritated at Griffith's advice, was he? 
Yes, he was. He said there was nothing the matter with him. 
2. — Philip put the thermotmeter under his arm, didn't he? 
No, he didn't. He put it in his mouth. 

3. — Philip's temperature wasn't all right, was it? 
No, it wasn't. It was high. 
4. — Griffiths didn't even try to chatter sitting at his friend's bed, did he? 
But he did. He chattered brightly before taking the thermometer out. 
5. — Philip thought that there was nothing the matter with him, didn't he? 
Yes, he did. At least that's what he said to Griffiths. 
6. — There was really nothing the matter with Philip, wasn't there?"" 
But there was. Griffiths wanted to bring a doctor to have a look at him, so 
perhaps he suspected that Philip might have pneumonia. 
7. — Griffiths didn't want Philip to stay in bed, did he? 
Byt he did. That's just what he told him to do. 
8. — Philip didn't want his friend to look after him, did he? 
No, he didn't. He didn't want to bother him. 
9. — Griffiths was going to bring a doctor to Philip, wasn't he? 
Yes, he was. He was worried about his friend's health. 
10. — Philip smiled because he wanted his friend to think that he was all right, 
didn't he? 
No, he didn't. I think he smiled because he was glad that he had such a 
devoted friend./— Yes, he did. He wanted his friend to stop worrying. 

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