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Ex. VII, p. 57 
a) — What hurts you? 
I can't say I feel any sharp pain in some definite place, I just ache all over. 
Does it hurt you to move your arms, legs or head? 
My head aches all the time, it hurts me to look at the light and each movement 
is painful. 
Well, I must examine you. Don't be afraid, it won't be painful. 
But doctor, each touch gives me pain. 
Well, try and take it easy. 
b) — Your child's health is in a rather bad condition, he must be thoroughly 
examined in the polyclinic. 
But, doctor, he is in no condition to leave the house, he is too weak. 
Perhaps we'd better take him to hospital then. 
Oh, doctor, isn't it possible to keep him at home? 
Well, only on condition that you follow all my instructions. 
c) 1. In spite of his father's wish he refused to leave the Medical Institute as he was 
fond of medicine and didn't want to give it up. 2. I decided to break with him after he 
had refused to help me when I was in great need of help. 3. Though she regularly 
refused his proposals, he couldn't give up his dream of marrying her sooner or later. 
4. If she asks me for any favour, I'll never refuse her. 5. If I were you, I wouldn't give 
up my plan so easily. 
d) 1. The children jumped and squealed like little puppies. 2. The girl tried to 
behave like a grown-up person. 3. She was invited to this conference as a specialist 
in medicine. 4. He works as a doctor in one of our hospitals. 5. You just listen to him, 
he speaks like a real doctor, though he doesn't know anything about medicine. 6. As 
your doctor, I don't allow you to get up for some more days. 

Ex. X, p. 59 
l.The clinical thermometer is a small thermometer for finding out the temperature of 
the body. 3. The boiling point of the Fahrenheit thermometer is 212', of the 
Centigrade thermometer — 100° and of the Reamur thermometer — 80\ 3. A 
kilometre is a measure of length as well as a mile and a foot; a kilogram and a pound 
are measures of weight. 4. His high temperature worried the boy because he didn't 
know the difference between Fahrenheit and Centigrade thermometers. 
Ex. XII, p. 60 
1. What conditions did you live under/in when you were a child? 2. I have put 
down all he said about it/all his remarks on this matter. 3. If you had taken these pills 
yesterday, you would be feeling much better today. 4. The girls looked miserable 
when they were told that their mother was ill. 5. Let the children run barefoot, it 
won't do them any harm. 6. All sick people are alike: they worry about small/little 
things (about trifles) and behave like children. 7. If I were you, I wouldn't write 
down this data, it is of no great importance. 8. If you stay awake, you will feel awful 
tomorrow. 9. I like this doctor because he doesn't prescribe too many medicines. 10. 
Is he absent again? It's just like him to miss lessons when we are having a test. 11. I 
wouldn't say that there was much likeness between us/that we were much alike. 12. It 
looks like rain. I think we had better stay at home. 

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