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health of children at school age. 

Aim of work was spend combined hygienic estimation of risk’s factor in 

formation of health of pupils who are studying in different school’s educational 

establishments (general educational schools/ high schools, lyses, public schools) of 

Almaty city and exploitation scientifically well-founded hygienic measure for 

improvement  sanitary – epidemical well-being of pupils. 

Object of investigation was different school’s  educational establishment 

(general educational schools, high schools, lyses, public schools) which disposed in 

conditionally “clean” and “dirty” zones of Almaty city and pupil at age 9-15, who are 

studying in it. 

In frame of present work studied health of pupils in different school’s 

educational establishments of  Almaty city. Expose influence of ecological  

unsuccessfulness on condition of pupils’ health in different school’s educational 

establishments of Almaty city. Ratio of risk (odds radio) in city comp ill – 2,25±003;  

in general education hall schools – 0,85±002; in new type of school’s educational 

establishments – 1,4±004; i.e. expose relatively high risk for new school’s   

educational establishments 





High index of sickness in “dirty” region of city (at average on 47,8%) in all 

school’s educational establishments show result of obvious unfavorable, aggravating 

influence of ecological factor on having sickness and in general an condition of 

health of growing organism.  

On result of studying condition of arrangement of educational process in 

different school’s educational establishments is established, that observance of 

hygienic demand to educational process in different school’s educational 

establishments (according to 11 index 10 parts of normative document) provide only 

for 34,9%. Established essential increasing of educational work in general 

educational schools till 23,8%, in new form school’s educational establishments till 

52,4%/ effectiveness of sanitary  task of studying physical education in school’s   

educational establishments. 

According to Comparative studying of sickness of pupils more high indexes 

mark in innovative school’s establishments than comparisons with general 

educational schools. In high schools – higher on 35,3%, in laces – on 22,7%, in 

public schools on 28,8% (p<0,005). Especially high rising of indexes in new type of 

schools observed in sickness of eyes and eyes and eyes’ appendage (33,9%), in 

sickness of bone – muscular (27,5%) and nervous system on 21,8%.  

Comparative studying of indexes of pupils’ physical development show, that 

nice harmonious development in general educational schools compile 29,9%, in new 

type of schools – 25,3%. Unsatisfactory disharmonious development of II degree – in 

general educational establishments compile 57,5%, 38,3% of according to lowering, 

19,4% - rise of body’s bulk. In new type of schools this index compile – 61,8% and 

difference of general educational schools mainly conclude in (43,6%) rise of  body’s 

bulk. Ш degree – bad disharmonious development of new model schools was higher 

than 32,3% from index of general educational schools. 

From sty dying adaptational potential of pupils according ton method of many 

regression (R/M/ Baevski, 1993) have taken next indexes; from pupils of general 

educational schools – 27,71, high schools – 3,06, lyses – 2,98 and from pupils of 

public schools – 3,0/ On the whole in the city adaptational potential of pupil compile 

-2,76. Thus, at average adaptation potential of city’s pupils was in limit of II degree 

of tension, in new type of school -3, 01, what shows worse adaptation possibility of 


Whit help of mathematical modeling fixed up indexes of sanitary – epidemical 

well-being (SEW) of school’s educational establishments; General educational 

schools – 161,2 (get worse), lycee – 188,7, high schools – 177,9 and public schools – 

174,3 (unsatisfactory). At average in the eity index of SEW compile – 186,9 which 

correspond to unsatisfactory sanitary – epidemical well-being of school’s educational 


Weak material – technical base of medical room of schools and absence of 

electronic version of registrations of engagement in source make difficult installation 

of timely estimation of health’s condition of growing generation. 

Influence of social – hygienic position and biological factors in formation of 

pupils’ health ere connected with weak material provision of pupil of general  



educational schools, with complication of mutual understanding in a family by age, 

especially of children of new schools, not having possibility of keeping necessary 

rules of day’s routine because of shortage time’s budget/ according to analysis of 

questionnaire engagements in 29,3% events fixed up definite tight connection 

between health’s condition of children revealing genetic – biological indexes. 

Studying reason – inquiry connection between health’s condition of pupils and 

some basic risk’s factors of health of pupils are ecological unsuccessfulness  (У

81,9 +37,16 Х) and high educational work  (У


 = 21,930+1,226Х

– 1,159Х



).  School inside risk’s factors in new model school’s educational 

establishments express more intensive, than in new model school’s establishments. 

From social – hygienic risk’s factors  influence of shortage of floor-space and 

low level of more express, than bad dwelling house (У


 = 21,930 + 1,226 Х


– 1,159 



 + 2,195 Х

 + 1, 125 Х


+ 2,112 Х


); From biological factors more express 

influence of sickness of parents till birth of baby, hereditary sickness. 

Timely estimation of risk is effective tool of control of pupils’ health by 

spending of preventive measure. 

The  results of this work to preserve , improve and create conditions 

blagopritnogo student health school of modern school education in practical 

assistance  to persons  and shkolnoobrazovatelnyh shkolnomeditsinskih institutions 

offered: 3 guidelines, 2 guidelines, and 1 textbook on hygiene and adolescents to 344 

pages, which prenaxnachen just for students hygienic and pediatric departments of 

higher and secondary medical schools. 



























































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